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Getting Started

  1. Sign Up and Log In!
    First things first, create an account on the platform. You can register via email or just use your Google or GitHub credentials.

  2. Explore the competitions
    Dive into the available competitions and choose the one you're interested in.

  3. Get your Jupyter Notebook locked and loaded
    You can use any available option, including Google Colab or your local system.

  4. Install the Antigranular package
    Type in a "pip install antigranular" command to connect to Antigranular.

  5. Secure enclave access
    Connect to the secure enclave by copying the code block at the top right corner of the competition page which includes your custom credentials. Paste them into your Jupyter Notebook to connect to the secure enclave. Check the sample notebooks if in doubt.

  6. You’re in!
    Upon successful login, you'll see the session ID and the %%ag cell magic registered to your system.

  7. Load the dataset
    Grab the dataset with a swift copy-paste from the "loading dataset" section in the dataset tab.

  8. Now the real fun begins
    You are ready to analyse the data, make predictions, and flex your skills using %%ag magic remote execution. Check the sample notebooks and details of supported packages for more examples.

  9. Ready to make a submission?
    Submit a prediction by simply typing “session.submit_predictions (your_prediction_dataframe)” to find out how you rank on the leaderboard.

  10. Spend wisely to win big
    Antigranular is not just about accuracy but also about using the least amount of privacy budget. Navigate the trade-off like a boss to come out on top. Head to the Antigranular Docs for details of the scoring system and epsilon best practice.

Got questions?
Join our Discord channel, where our team is ready to give you guidance and troubleshoot problems.