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Record Linkage

Integrating a differentially private version of the Python Record Linkage Toolkit into Antigranular, with the added functionality of Private Set Intersection (PSI), could significantly enhance the platform's capabilities in handling and analyzing confidential data.

The Python Record Linkage Toolkit is a comprehensive library that provides tools for linking records within or between data sources. It offers functionalities such as data cleaning and standardization, indexing, comparison.

The integration of a differentially private version of the Record Linkage Toolkit into Antigranular would allow users to securely link records within or between their confidential datasets while preserving privacy. The added functionality of PSI would enable two parties to compute the intersection of their datasets without revealing any information to each other except for the elements in the intersection. This ensures the utmost security and privacy of user data.

Import the library as follows:

import op_recordlinkage

API Reference


  • Official Documentation : Provides comprehensive guidance and information on using RecordLinkage for linking datasets with ease.
  • Github repository : Find out how the internals work in the RecordLinkage library.