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Head over to Antigranular ↗ and click the top right button to login (or register) with your email, GitHub or Google.

Connect through Colab or Jupyter and start coding

Open the Getting Started Notebook ↗ and follow the steps to connect to our platform and run your code in our enclaves!

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Explore the following API References, Guides and Core Concepts to learn more!


Working with Antigranular

The AG Python client and Jupyter extension can bring your script to life in a secure environment by using a specialised version of Python created by AG This Python version operates under restricted conditions, allowing only methods that guarantee differential privacy.

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Using Private Pandas

AG provides a differentially private version of the pandas library, which lets users handle private data frames and series and perform various statistical analyses with differential privacy guarantees.

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Using Private TensorFlow

TensorFlow Privacy is a Python library developed by Google that enables training of machine learning models with privacy guarantees, in particular through the implementation of differential privacy.

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Using Private Opacus

Opacus is a library enabling differentially private training of PyTorch models. By adjusting the model's training process, Opacus ensures the model's outputs do not disclose individual data points from the training set.

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API References

Pandas API

op_pandas is AG's implementation of the Pandas library. The op_pandas library allows you to import datasets and handle their data efficiently and privately.

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Diffprivlib API

The Diffprivlib library implements differential privacy techniques for various data analysis tasks. It can be viewed as a differentialy private version of scikit-learn, implementing the DP-equivalents of many of the sklearn models.

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OpenDP is a powerful library for privacy-preserving data analysis. It provides a wide range of functions and methods to ensure the privacy of sensitive data while enabling a meaningful analysis.

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SmartNoise Synth API

SmartNoise-Synth is part of SmartNoise SDK and is built on OpenDP. It offers multiple differentially private synthesizers.

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