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Goals & Context

In the fast-paced landscape of data science, a gap exists. A wealth of academic research is dedicated to privacy-enhancing technologies, yet their adoption in practical applications lags behind. This is the void that Antigranular was created to fill.

At Antigranular, our aim is to serve as a conduit, bridging this gap between theory and practice. We recognise the immense potential of privacy-enhancing technologies. By providing a platform for their application, we strive to stimulate their widespread use.

The platform enables data linkage within trusted execution environments, guaranteeing differential privacy in the outputs produced by users. This isn’t just about learning new skills, but also about creating your own privacy tools. You can experiment, iterate, and share these tools with others, inviting feedback and sparking a conversation.

By doing so, Antigranular hopes to foster a community where knowledge sharing is celebrated. It’s a place where privacy enthusiasts can collectively learn and grow, iterate on tools, keep refining their usage, and extending the reach of privacy-enhancing technologies.

In essence, Antigranular is not merely a platform, it's a movement. A movement to integrate privacy into the very fabric of data science and to harness the power of community to drive this transformation. Join us on this exciting journey as we usher in a new era of privacy-first data science!