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Core Concepts

Private Python

Private Python is a specialised version of the Python programming language that offers a user-friendly and accessible coding environment. It is designed specifically for working with differentially private data, ensuring privacy protections are embedded at every step. This version encourages the use of pure functions, which are functions that produce consistent outputs without any side effects. By utilising this controlled Python environment, you can confidently write secure, type-safe, and efficient code. Unleash your data analysis skills, unlock valuable insights, and make a positive impact while upholding the highest standards of privacy and security.

  • Pure Functions in Python: Reliability and Predictability

    Private Python emphasises the use of pure functions, which solely rely on their inputs to produce consistent outputs and have no side effects. By embracing pure functions, you can write code that is reliable, predictable, and easier to understand. This environment encourages the practice of pure functional programming principles, enabling you to create code that is more maintainable and less prone to unintended consequences.

  • Restricted Imports: Focused and Secure Development

    In Private Python, only a predefined set of imports and their methods are permitted. This focused approach ensures that your code remains secure and reduces the risk of unintended behaviours or vulnerabilities. Limiting the imports and some methods is to prevent usage of such functions which could cause side effects or privacy leaks. The allowed methods in the environment are carefully developed such that they return differentially private results.

  • Type Safety: Enhancing Code Integrity

    Code integrity is crucial, and Private Python enforces strict adherence to type hints. By explicitly declaring variable types and function signatures, you can catch errors early and improve code clarity. Type safety promotes code integrity and helps prevent common bugs caused by mismatched types or incorrect function usage.

By combining the power of pure functions, restricted imports, and type safety, Private Python provides a reliable and secure development experience. It enables you to write code that is more predictable, easier to maintain, and less prone to unintended side effects. With Private Python, you can focus on your data analysis tasks with confidence, knowing that your code is designed to be secure, reliable, and efficient.